Friday, January 25, 2008

Be still my heart.

I just love Pottery Barn. Okay, I know you are thinking, "They are so expensive and everybody loves PB, so how is that at all original?" I agree. I don't want a house that looks like a Pottery Barn store threw up in it, but PB gives those of us with modest budgets the opportunity to purchase decent quality, well-designed furnishings. And right now, they have jumped on the cliche "green" bandwagon. While I am a total proponent of sustainable living and all that it entails, I am personally sick of seeing the "green" thing everywhere. However, the one fabulous benefit of it is that PB has actually incorporated the color green into its designs this season and the result is magnificent—all sorts of shades of green and frankly, I am drooling. I just went to the mailbox and pulled out their latest catalog and this is the cover beauty shot. I am in heaven.

Part of my lust after this vignette is sentimental, I must admit. My grandmother loved green and yellow and all my life her home was decorated in shades of those wonderful spring colors. The colors used in this photo are very reminiscent of the particular shade she seemed to love most. She was also a fabulous interior designer and I think she would highly approve of the styling depicted here. This photo reminds me so much of her. I miss her.

p.s. Did you notice I changed the blog's background color? I am ready for Spring(:

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Where have I been?

Okay, I had the best of intentions. I tried to get the 25 days of Christmas completed, but the craziness of the holiday and the stomach flu sweeping through the family put a swift kabash to the rest of the list. I apologize. But I got 19 items up(:

Anywho, here it is a new year and lots and lots has happened since my last post. On the business side, Mala and I have secured studio space for Wacker Design Group. No more working separately from cramped, toy filled corners of our respective houses! We are stoked.

In addition, we have applied for an LLC designation with the state and that paperwork has been approved. Since we had to go through the paperwork of changing the businesses status, we decided to change the name to Wacker Paul Design, so as soon as everything is signed and sealed from the Secretary of State, we will make the official switch and announcement.

We are also hoping to have the studio all spiffed up by Spring so we can have an open house for clients, friends and family. By the time the weather gets decent, we should be ready, which is good beacuse the space is, well let's say it's petite—can't get too many people inside at once. But we have a nice front patio which opens to the parking lot so maybe we can do a little BBQing.

Here's a sneak peek of what we will call the "before":