Friday, February 19, 2010


feeling a bit scattered but also relaxed at the end of this week. i only worked 2 days this week and i could REALLY get used to that. i was able to clean out the playroom (i even snuck some toys and books to goodwill) and re-organized my craft supplies/books in the office. now i am hoping to actually get some stuff designed, produced and in the shop for easter!

this weekend i am going to work on sprucing up this blog a bit--re-organizing a little and updating the blogroll. i am also thinking a lot about my postings and wanting to get more up each week. i am considering organizing the week by topic. anyway, there is a lot in my little brain, so you will definitely see some changes around these parts--but don't expect them by monday!

in the meantime, these are the things on my mind as we enter the weekend...

loving this girl's hair. image found here.

i've made this granola recipe two weeks in a row now and it is fabulous. it's a very flexible and easy recipe. we skipped the coconut both weeks and used dried apricots, apple, cherry and date the first week and skipped the date (i'm not a big fan, matt loves them) and did apple, raisins and dried blueberries the second week. yum!

this is my FAVORITE new blog! so much fun. an extravagant take on 'un-mom'. i can't stand how much i love that shell basket purse.

i've been collecting artwork for the house and my office and i am looking for a matisse drawing. thinking about this one.

happy weekend, lovelies!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


i am rethinking countertops. from this lovely blog.

Friday, February 12, 2010


click me if you want to see me bigger

look, i am going to be honest--i don’t know how I feel about wal-mart. most of my experience with it has been bad and i try not to shop there. but i do know that it is trying to turn itself (or at least its image) around and from time-to-time i hear good things from sources i respect about the innovations it is making. with that said, you may have heard about its new home collection hometrends. i checked it out and, while most of it has a more contemporary zen-thing happening that I don’t personally care for, there are some pieces i think are worth mentioning. i haven’t checked these out in person, so i can't attest to the quality, but I am impressed with some of the collection's designs and use of color. these are my picks. and all except the desk are under 40 smacks.

what do you think? do you shop at wal-mart?

clockwise from upper left

crown wall clock :: $20

Thursday, February 11, 2010

because i love you

as a little thank you, my lovely readers, here's a free printable valentine's day card for your lovely. it's a high resolution PDF. just click on the link, download to your desktop and open with a PDF reader like this one the rest of the instructions are included in the document. have fun!

xoxo, marcy

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


those of you dearies that read my little blog on a regular basis (thank you!) know how much i love green. and what better accompaniment to green is there than yellow? this color combination is near and dear to my heart as it was my grandmother's signature palette. so, it may be my yearning for spring or just that the days have been a little gray and gloomy in these parts of late, but whatever the reason, i am having a yellow moment and loving it. thought i'd share a little of it with you in the hopes that it brightens your day(:

clockwise from left
virginia wicker side table in citrus :: garnet hill :: $110
yellow flower
belt :: brook + lyn :: $45
'don’t cry over spilt lemons' dishtowel :: :: $7

yellow front door in 'sun porch' + 'banana yellow' :: benjamin moore
bloom flower ring :: stella + dot :: $39
merona striped trench :: target :: $40

ivanyi flats in yellow by anne klein :: :: $50
nixon vega watch in yellow :: the bunker :: $60
lacquered boxes in poppy yellow :: plantation :: $265/set of three