Tuesday, March 30, 2010

flowers in a field

this week is spring break and i am off work and home with the boys today. the weather has been strange--a mix of sun and clouds, rain and wind, even two big rounds of hail! the boys are a little restless and the loud weather made naptime a little difficult (a good excuse anyway). jackson got up from his rest and started working on the computer. the next thing i knew, i had this pretty poem in my lap.

flowers in a field
by jackson wacker

flowers in a field
cows having lunch
nature growing big and strong
rows of color a mile long
flowers in a field

happy tuesday.

Friday, March 26, 2010

oh yeah, and these, too

from here.

[insert picture of me with mouth hanging open, here]

catch ya later, kittens.

oh my god


and these.

i'll be back with actual content next week. promise. until then, happy, happy.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

zorro + snow = fun day

remember this post? well this is what i was talking about. about 6 weeks ago, after locating a breeder we liked, we adopted a welsh corgi. we named him zorro, the spanish word for 'fox'. he is still with his brothers and sisters but will be coming home to us on april 2nd a we are so excited. we visited him yesterday.

since the breeder is in colfax and we were so close to the snow, we drove up the mountain a little and played in the snow for a bit.

it was a great day.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

real estate wednesday | 1429 paloma way, pasadena

this fun craftsman bungalow sits of a beautiful piece of property and its cute built-ins give it tons of character (look at that bathroom!). the kitchen is a little quirky but has lots of potential. and that fireplace--so lovely. not in my price range, but a girl can dream.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

405 hibiscus way, san rafael, california

let's call this 'real estate wednesday', shall we? i'm starting a series of regular posts each week and each wednesday will from here forth be known as 'real estate wednesday.' other days of the week have fabulous subjects attached to them and will start on monday. but i couldn't keep this little gem from you, so we are starting mid-week. there are no rules!!

i consider my taste/style to be somewhat eclectic. and i have a thing for eichlers. especially ones in marin county, california, where the setting and weather is to die for. not to mention the hamlet's proximity to san francisco.

here we have a LOVELY alliance built home that has been tastefully restored. as much as i love these homes i am not a huge fan of the natural wood interiors. i love the architectural details, but i find all of that wood a tad oppressive and dark. this specimen has all of the wood work painted out white (i know, purists, i'm so gauche) and the airiness is breathtaking. disregard the bland furnishings they've used for the 'staging' and imagine all of the wonderful colors and textures you could fill this pad with. oh, and that yellow door has me breathless.

see the listing here.