Wednesday, November 12, 2008

am i a cougar?

Oh my god, I think I am. Here's the thing--I never see men that I think are attractive. I guess I am really picky or have weird taste or something. But when we saw the latest Indiana Jones movie I was like, "Hey, this Shia LaBouef dude's a cutie" even with the funky 50s hairstyle. And I think he even fits somehow into my type.

But there's a problem with this--a big one: I'm 38 and he's (gulp) 22...gross! It's all Demi-Astin and its creepy. I was driving when this kid was born! He was Louis on The Even Stevens for Christ's sake! This is the first time I have ever found a man that is younger than me attractive and it's freaking me out. I mean does it need to be over a decade younger right out of the gate? Why couldn't it have been a 36 year old, or even 32, but 22? This borders pedophilia, really.

I always said you know you're getting older when Miss America and Playboy centerfolds are younger than you. I've learned to deal with that. But this is scary. What's next? Do you have a boy-crush? Dish.


Dame Courtney said...

Gulp. We have the same boy-crush! I too, find him rather appealing, which is appalling(??) and have since Disturbia and Transformers. Even the unfortunate "Fonzie" turn he took in Indiana Jones wasn't enough for me to say, "maaaybee I was wrong about him." But I think of it this way - men fall for younger women ALL the time and there's nothing verboten about that. Sure, Demi/Ashton is a tad weird because of her kids' ages in relation to her husband, but is that only because society frowns upon [female] cougar'ing? Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have like 30 years between them. That's, by far, more suspect than a VERY young 38 you and a up-and-coming 22 year old Mr. LaBeouf. :)

Anonymous said...

I totally like him too! Although I'm 24 and married of course. I don't know what it is. My husband is the complete opposite of him as well. Hehe. Came over from Making It Lovely.

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