Thursday, March 19, 2009


One of the things that keeps going through my mind as I hear about the increasing number of homeless is the kids. I can't bear the thought that there are kids out there, in my home town even, that don't have a place to sleep. It sickens me to think of little children sleeping on the ground.

Owen outgrew his crib and mattress a couple of months ago and it has been sitting in our garage since. We made one tour of it on Craigslist but got no serious bites. I was glad because I didn't really want to sell it. The $50 it would have garnered me is nothing compared to what it will provide a little baby and his parents if I donated it. But I was at a loss of who to give it to. I really wanted the crib to go directly to a child who needed it, not to the local Goodwill where it would get sold. It is true that the proceeds from the sale would go towards someone in need, but I want a baby that doesn't have a safe, warm place to sleep in that crib.

I contacted my local emergency housing service and they were so excited to get it. They desperately need cribs and playpens in their shelters and they also use such donations to assist families as they transition from shelters to their own homes.

We are taking it on Saturday. I am so happy.

If you have something to donate, please consider contacting your local emergency housing service.

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Hilary said...

I love you, I love your commitment and I love the idea!!! Keep your 'keeping things simple' blog is inspriring!