Thursday, December 17, 2009

holiday reading | a christmas carol by charles dickens

bought the paperback a few years back with the intention of reading it at christmastime. didn't get to it until this year and it has been so fun! it will definitely be a yearly tradition and i can't wait until i can read it to the boys.

"what? read a book during christmas? who has the time?" you ask? at only 87 pages, you can fit this one in easily. i've been reading a few pages each night before bed and i will finish tonight. it will take you two weeks tops. so run to your nearest library or used book store and pick up a copy so you can get it in before the big day. enjoy!

and "merry christmas, everyone!"

photo from the original 1843 printing. apparently the novella was first published six days before christmas, and was an instant commercial and critical success, garnering high praise and selling out its first run by christmas eve. more here.

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Anonymous said...

Super mom! You create such great memories for those boys of yours. :)