Tuesday, June 22, 2010

pin it forward

good morning, chickens! the baton has been passed from ashley-nicole and today it is my turn to share 'what home means to me'. been wondering what that 'pin it forward' badge is all about over there? well i am lucky enough to be part of a project conceived by the lovely victoria at sfgirlbybay and the folks at pinterest, the online software that let's you bookmark your favorite images and catalog them--it. is. awesome. so let's get this party started. these are the things i dream about...

lots of light, a big family table and a place of my own to work, make things and dream.

a big oak tree to sit under with family and friends, some great food and drink and beautiful flowers (that i don't have to take care of).

a little kitchen with open shelves, a vintage stove and, of course, lots of green.

a dutch door and possibly a cow (but not sidney greenstreet).

my boys (big and small).

there is of course more. and i am lucky enough to have many of these things already. the truth is home is where i keep my heart. things are just things, but those 3 boys are what home really means to me (sappy, huh?). if you want more, you can check out my pin board here--adding stuff all the time. and get yourself a pin board, you will love it.

now it's time for me to pass the baton to justnoey for tomorrow's installment. don't miss it! and be sure to enjoy your day(:


alamodestuff said...

Love your post and especially love the dutch door (and possibly cow). I've always wanted one of those doors!

Carolyn said...

Love the dutch door that came with the cow. Keep the cow for sure. http://livingxdesign.wordpress.com/

labeck said...

I love what you came up with! great home post!

Anonymous said...

In further evidence of your flawless style acumen, I almost always have a hard time discerning the difference between what you dream about and what you already DO, lovely friend. :) XOXO