Thursday, October 14, 2010

the butterfly house

hello, sweet chickens! it’s been toooo looong. well, i’m back…i think. anyway, enough of all that--let’s start back with an amazing, no PHENOMENAL, house. it’s the butterfly house, one of only five true ocean front properties in carmel, california. can you imagine waking to that view every day? those icky home-staging, 80s furnishings would have to vamoose, but i think i could hang there for a couple of days. enjoy, mes amis.

see you tomorrow?

not sure why they need the pool--too chilly to swim there most days, but it does create some stunning views

 look at that view! that window is like a work of art!

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Anonymous said...

The maven of marvelous is back!!! And with quite the inspirado, too. Makes my drab desk and meetings today all the more unbearable. Thanks. ;)