Monday, September 3, 2007


So I am relatively new to the blog scene. For a few years I have been an occassional reader of Design Observer and Speak Up, two graphic design-related blogs. But recently, I stumbled on Shelter: Creating a home that heals the soul, and got hooked on the home design/diy blogging world. WOW! There is an amazing amount of cool stuff out there that independent designers are coming up with and this community is definitely the place to find it!

Anyhow, I, like so many of us, lead what feels like a crazy life that I am always trying to keep under control and organized. And, while I like the challenge of keeping it organized, I felt like I needed a place to keep all of my random thoughts organized I guess. But this blog will be anything but organized. It will be pretty much my space to free associate about design, parenting, running a business, being a friend, wife, mother, business partner, etc.

So for better or worse, here goes...


lsaspacey said...

Thanks. I feel honored to have inspired a new blogger. Have fun!

Priscilla Armitage said...

I love your "saucymom" blog site honey! It is as inspiring, as you are - with all that you do! I, of course, am very proud of you and honored to be your mother.