Sunday, November 25, 2007

Who would you be in the movie about yourself?

So I used to have this fantasy that someday I would write a screenplay about me and my three closest friends. We've all been friends for about 25 years, so you can imagine the stories. I know I will never get around to it, plus it would probably end the friendships! Not a good idea. But I do have fun casting it in mind. I used to think I would be played my Meg Ryan because she is always the good-girl-next-door type that follows the rules and wants everybody to like her (yes, I hate to admit it, but I do want everyone to like me, ick!). But now I think it would be Cameron Diaz. Not because she is glamorous (I am far from that these days) but because she is a geek.

Who would the others be you ask? LB is definitely Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock would be great as EL and no one else could play HS but Helen Hunt. If you know these chicks, you must agree, no?

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LB said...

I think you've casted each of us PERFECTLY. And I, for one, hope you get around to writing that screenplay someday. The question is, what would you rate it, and would we want our kids to see it?!?!