Thursday, February 7, 2008

decorating overdrive!

My beautiful sister-in-law Amanda is expecting her first baby in May and I am hosting her shower at our house in March. We recently shifted the rooms in our house around—moved the play area to what was the formal dining room, moved the formal dining room to where the formal living room was and created an office out of the former play area/room. Anyhow, everything is all mixed up now from a decorating point of view and the worst room by far is the dining room, which also serves as the entry to the house. The shower has given me that all-so-important deadline to get that room in shape, which I desperately need or all I will futz around forever deliberating over these drapes or those and that rug or the other. Matt hates this about me and I can't really say that I blame him.

I've mostly been looking for some new accessories to help transition the room from formal cottage to modern cottage and I found this great print from Anthropolgie that I am thinking about using as an inspiration piece. What d'ya think?

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