Friday, May 23, 2008

revelation = new work

So this "pattern-a-day" thing hasn't exactly worked out the way I had hoped. I had hoped that making this personal and public committment would prompt (read "force") me to do some visual brainstorming--create a bunch of stuff that I could go through later, edit and turn it into product. I was even hoping to get feedback on some of the designs, a little market research if you will. Not much of either of those happened. But something interesting did. You see, I actually did create quite a few designs (okay, like 8) but I only posted a few. I kept tinkering with the others feeling like they weren't ready or needed something or just plain sucked too much to post. And then it happened: I realized I have a hard time designing in a vaccum. While I am so drawn to color and pattern, I realized that I need to see it in context to get a good read on what works and what don't. This is good. Instead of feeling shitty about not keeping my committment to myself, the project has made me realize how I design. Insight, good.

So I have designed the first product based on one of my designs that I never posted. Now, what do you think? I am thinking, ya...

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Mala said...

I'm like that too - cannot design without context. Love this one!