Friday, May 30, 2008

white kitchens

For some reason, I am always drawn to white kitchens. Maybe it is because they seem so clean. r maybe it's because they provide a bright backdrop to lots of texture and color, which is important for someone like me who is always wanting to change things up.

I found myself collecting photos of white kitchens (you should see my inspiration board, lots of them). And while I always like certain elements, I haven't found one yet that I just love...until today. While I was doing my daily blog run (it's really starting to get out of hand) I was of course perusing the last couple of posts on design*sponge and ran across some images highlighting Jessica Helgerson Interior Design (Portland, Oregon). So I popped over to her website and checked out her portfolio (you must visit, it is amazing). Low and behold I found these images of her very own house and fell in love. Especially with the kitchen. I think it is now officially my dream kitchen.

Why, you ask? White Shaker style cabinetry, check; carerra marble counters, check; hardwood floors, check; white tile back splash, check; farmhouse sink, check; vintage stove, check. Okay, so now you are saying, "Lots of kitchens have all of those things. So what?"

Well, what I like most about this kitchen is that it is in a classic house but it has a very modern sensibility. I love the mixture of organic ethnic pieces with modern silhouettes all on the vintage backdrop. And it seems very doable, this is key. I want a kitchen I can actually cook in and get dirty and then clean, and clean, and clean again. Because that's what you do in kitchens. You make a mess cooking spaghetti for the 438th time and then you do the dishes while toddlers scream at you for more "baba" and six year olds reinact the Piston Cup. It looks like a kitchen that real people live in but still has a personality and sense of style.

And who doesn't love a kitchen sink you can bathe the kids in? Wash dishes and the kids at the same time? Now that is what I call multi-tasking.


Hilary said... it. I love the sink. I could see your kitchen in this style very easily.
Keep up the blog...I love it!!

Jules said...

It appears we have identical taste in everything. :) That kitchen is how I wish my remodel turned out! I even love your blog background color; it's the color I painted the den/toy room/sprain-your-ankle-on-random-cars-and-blocks-room.

And, hey, thanks. A lot. :)


Priscilla Armitage said...

These kitchens are so clean and bright - love them!

VintageGirl said...

gorgeous! I wonder what color cabinets those are (they look like a shade of green) and what style of appliance would be appropriate for this look? I'm thinking those reproduction gas burner stoves that look retro?....