Thursday, July 31, 2008

un-mom look | no. 3

I’m having a gray moment right now. I’m also jonesing for a date night. How about this lovely ensemble for a chic night on the town with your main man? Also works well for an evening wedding or a saucy cocktail party, should you be lucky enough to be invited to one. (Hint, hint to all of my friends!!)

1. Heather Gray Sweater Dress : : Old Navy : : $25.00
Why it works: Gray looks great on almost anyone and it’s a nice alernative to black; plus, it’s neutral so it will go with all of your colored accessories. Versatility, baby! You can also dress this number down: I’m thinking a long sleeved tee underneath, paired with a chunky belt and boots for fall. Additional plusses: you don’t have to iron or dry clean it. (Wow, is this your dream dress, or what? If only it could vacuum...)

2. Party Lounge heels in Platimum : : Unlisted by Kenneth Cole : : : : $30.00
Why they work: These are just plain fun and add some "sex" sans "kitten". Plus because they have a bit of the platform thing going on, they will be more comfortable.

3. Jewel-buckle grosgrain belt in deep peacock : : J. Crew : : $39.50
Why it works: It is just plain gorgeous. A timeless piece you can wear again and again over the years. We are going to ditch the self-belt for this evening and go with this beauty for a bit of Hollywood glam.

Long floral-print silk scarf in green : : Banana Republic : : $39.00
Why it works: This exquisite scarf adds a bit of needed print to all of the texture we having going on here. Plus, I am always cold, even in the summer. Since we are going with no necklace on this one, you could drape it across your shoulders or do a loose tie around your neck. Also, it’s long, so you could use it as the belt instead.

4. Translunar Oblong Clutch in black by Rolffs :: eBags :: $32.00
Why it works: Clutches are big and since this is a night OUT, we don’t have to worry about something that will accommodate wipes and sippy cups. The sheen plays off the satiny heels without being all matchy-matchy (hate that).

5. Forget Me Not vintage glass bead earrings : : flymartin : : $18.00
Why they work: So pretty...I like that these add some vintage appeal. They pair nicely with the glittery belt buckle without getting all Vegas. Plus they aren’t too glam for daytime.

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Mala said...

love it. however, i need to lose tons of weight to get into that dress and look good in it. :)