Friday, July 24, 2009

fun wallpaper + a serious problem

red bussess and black cabs by lizzie allen

jazz in central park by lizzie allen

happy friday, my lovelies!

two of my favorite cities are london and manhattan (i know, real original) and uk designer lizzy allen has captured the essence of these glorious cities in her wonderful wallpaper series "london calling". i love the illustrative quality that harkens back to 1950s advertising and, of course, the ingenious palettes. i need to find a room for one of these. the office, perhaps? not sure matt would go for it. oh well, a girl can dream.

in other news. i have a big problem. see, i like to read at night before i go to bed. it's really the only time of day i have for this activity. but right now i am reading this:
and i am laughing so hard i am crying. i can hardly breathe. and matt is trying to sleep! i think i will have to finish it during the day this weekend or i'll never make it.

have a great weekend!

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Courtney said...

I must read the Colbert. That guy kills me! Methinks it's time for that library card I haven't had in eons. :)