Friday, February 19, 2010


feeling a bit scattered but also relaxed at the end of this week. i only worked 2 days this week and i could REALLY get used to that. i was able to clean out the playroom (i even snuck some toys and books to goodwill) and re-organized my craft supplies/books in the office. now i am hoping to actually get some stuff designed, produced and in the shop for easter!

this weekend i am going to work on sprucing up this blog a bit--re-organizing a little and updating the blogroll. i am also thinking a lot about my postings and wanting to get more up each week. i am considering organizing the week by topic. anyway, there is a lot in my little brain, so you will definitely see some changes around these parts--but don't expect them by monday!

in the meantime, these are the things on my mind as we enter the weekend...

loving this girl's hair. image found here.

i've made this granola recipe two weeks in a row now and it is fabulous. it's a very flexible and easy recipe. we skipped the coconut both weeks and used dried apricots, apple, cherry and date the first week and skipped the date (i'm not a big fan, matt loves them) and did apple, raisins and dried blueberries the second week. yum!

this is my FAVORITE new blog! so much fun. an extravagant take on 'un-mom'. i can't stand how much i love that shell basket purse.

i've been collecting artwork for the house and my office and i am looking for a matisse drawing. thinking about this one.

happy weekend, lovelies!


Anonymous said...

nice posting
best regard

Eci si Cami said...

Nice blog ! Greetings and a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

I have a fabulous Matisse print in my office 'Themes and Variations, series 8.' Same loose scroll, very relaxing to look at (strategically placed in my computer monitor line of sight, ha). Yours to scan if you like. :)