Friday, February 12, 2010


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look, i am going to be honest--i don’t know how I feel about wal-mart. most of my experience with it has been bad and i try not to shop there. but i do know that it is trying to turn itself (or at least its image) around and from time-to-time i hear good things from sources i respect about the innovations it is making. with that said, you may have heard about its new home collection hometrends. i checked it out and, while most of it has a more contemporary zen-thing happening that I don’t personally care for, there are some pieces i think are worth mentioning. i haven’t checked these out in person, so i can't attest to the quality, but I am impressed with some of the collection's designs and use of color. these are my picks. and all except the desk are under 40 smacks.

what do you think? do you shop at wal-mart?

clockwise from upper left

crown wall clock :: $20

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