Thursday, June 26, 2008

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Two beauty products that I am loving right now are Revlon’s Colorstay Nail Enamel and Jergen’s Natural Glow Express Body Moisturizer. Here’s why:

The nail enamel is easy to apply--two coats of the bonding color and one coat of the clear sealing shine. Sounds like a long process, but the polish dries pretty quickly between coats and it seems very forgiving. Mess up one coat and the next coat seems to self-correct. The sealing shine is really shiny and hard. What I love best is that, while it will wear over time, it does not chip. I’m a graphic designer so I deal with paper and I spend a lot of time making mockups. I don’t usually wear polish, especially dark colors, because one false move and I’ve scuffed the paper with the edge of my nail and left an indelible mark. That doesn’t happen with this polish which means I can wear vampy red all I want!

The moisturizer is great for three reasons: it works fast, looks natural and, best of all, it doesn’t have that icky self-tanner smell. It actually has a subtle, but pleasant scent. I have pretty fair skin but I use the formula for medium skin tones because I didn’t notice a significant change with the fair formula. This stuff works the first time and lasts at least a couple of days. By day three you will notice a nice, natural glow. I usually stop at day three and coast for a couple of days because I notice if I do it too much it does start to get a little orangy for my taste. That may not happen if your natural skin tone is a little deeper.

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the products of revlon are very good.