Monday, June 2, 2008

the un-mom look | no. 1

I’ve been inspired by a post from Jules at Pancakes and French Fries that was a response to a post from Nicole at Making it Lovely. So here’s the deal: among the many awesome things Nicole covers in her blog, she posts a much anticipated monthly style report. This months’ report features some really cute items, most of which I thought there is no way I could pull-off. I felt that while it was super fun and cute, it may not really fit my lifestyle. Plus, I think I am too old for some of it (darn it , anyway).

See, like Jules, I am the mother of two small boys. I used to stay at home with them pretty much full-time and I know all too well the frustration of being caught in the “mom-fashion-trap,” perhaps more appropriately titled the “mom-UNfashion-trap.” As Jules also points out, so many mothers feel this way. They put on a t-shirt and jeans and throw the hair into a ponytail and go forth into the world of Cheerios and The Backyardigans never to look back and certainly never to pass by a mirror.

So here’s my story. I got to the point where I felt if I didn’t do something quick about my style I might forever fall into the chasm of tapered jeans and appliqued sweatshirts. Something needed to happen and come hell or highwater I was going to make it happen. How I did it is not very important or interesting, but I have found some tricks that have really worked for me. Nicole and Jules’ posts have inspired me to share it with all of you moms (and moms to be‑‑this will happen to you if you are not careful). Hope this helps or at least inspires you to get help. You can do it. Moms can be stylish.

So I’ve put together a little style post of my own. Check it out and let me know what you think(:

1. Printed silk twill boatneck top $39.99
Why it works: It's shape is flattering and feminine and the 3/4 sleeves won't drag through the oatmeal or fingerpaints. In case something does spill it will blend right into the pattern. It is silk, but you can hand wash and hang dry silk. The Chinese have been doing it for centuries, so ignore the dry clean only label.

2. Lux Hi-Waisted A-Line Pant $19.99
Why they work: These pants are called hi-waisted, but they actually should hit right about the belly-button. This is great for those of us with a little tummy; anything higher will make the paunch look larger. The color is key here, it pumps up the outfit and gets you out of the too-neutral zone. Red is actually very versatile, you'll see. Pants plus: no time to shave, no problem.

3. Steve Madden Rocket sandal in gold $20.00
Why they work: They are flat, so no wobbling around or breaking an ankle chasing the kids though Target. Plus, the little splash of gold gives that current bling to your outfit without saying "I follow the band." Alternate ideas: wear with jeans, flowy skirts, bermuda shorts.

4. Merona® Large Tote Bag in natural $29.99
Why it works: It's fun and summery but still big enough to shove a couple of diapers into. It's neutral enough that you can use it all summer long.

5. Xhilaration® Oval Hoop Earrings $8.99 and Colorblock wooden bangle in multi color $24.00
Why they work: The earrings are cheap enough that when they go out of style, you can recycle them into something else or hand-me-down them to the babysitter. The bracelet is timeless, the wood and gold work nicely to bring some warmth and texture. You'll have this one forever.


Jules said...

Awesome! You need to make the Un-Mom a monthly feature. :)

Hilary said...

You go the look AND that we can actually afford it!

Mala said...

Nice work! Keep them coming.

Priscilla Armitage said...

These fashions are so you! They are great!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

A nice casual look, but I think my feet would kill me in shoes that flat.