Monday, June 30, 2008

un-mom look no. 2 | 4th of July

Just in time for the 4th of July, I’ve come up with a new “un-mom” ensemble for your wearing pleasure. This time: shorts and a t-shirt. What could be easier or more comfortable? Here’s what we are looking at:

1. White Scoopneck Tee in True White Target $8.99
Why it works: Not just a plain old t-shirt, but a pretty fitted top with simple details at the neck and feminine sleeves. Remember, just because you’ve birthed doesn’t mean you should hide your somethin’ somethin' underneath a baggy top.

2. Madras Bermudas j. crew $49.99
Why they work: Nothing says summer like a little madras. Bermudas are nice because they are cool but long enough to hide a little thigh. The pattern is fun and goes with EVERYTHING. Also, if the little one splashes some Kool-Aid on you or (better yet) you spill a little red wine, no one will notice.

3. Beach Tote Target $9.99
A classic tote, it’s just plain fun and you can fit everything in it.

4. Tort Wedge Payless Shoe Source $17.99
Why they work. The bermudas are long enough that a little height in the shoe won't be too hoochy-mama. I love tortoise shell (the faux kind, of course). These are casual but also nice enough to wear to work with a skirt. Remember, the clothes must multi-task.

5. Bold Plastic Square Sunglasses Target $17.99
Every girl needs a little glam.

6. Turquoise Cabochon Bib Necklace Banana Republic $59.00
Why it works: I am all about accessories because they change everything. This beautiful necklace upgrades the outfit a little bit, nice if you are going to a more adult gathering. And again, I know I keep saying this, but versatility is key: turquoise goes with everything.


Hilary said...

I am running...not walking to get a pair of those shoes!! Love them!

marcy wacker said...