Thursday, August 14, 2008

feeling a bit snarky

In a effort to keep the less, shall we say, candid posts (see Tuesday's rant) from appearing on SaucyMom, I have collaborated with lovely friend Dame Courtney on a new blog called Vive Helen! The blog isn't all about snark, however. Think of it as a virtual cocktail party with all your best girlfriends.

Dame Courtney (DC) and I have been plotting for ages to get a "girl group" together made up of all of our wonderful lady friends. See, she has tons of cool friends and I have tons of cool friends but none of them really know one another. The idea is that we would all meet on a regular basis at a fun restaurant for happy hour. Then her girls could get with my girls and we could all be chums. We've had a hard time pulling it off, though. I think we needed the proper inspiration.

Enter Vodka Has No Carbs. See DC wasn't really hooked on the blog thing yet. I kept telling her about all of the funny stuff I was reading knowing that since we share the same sense of humor should would get a kick out of them. A lot of the ones I look at have mommy humor and while I love it, she is still a saucy single with cute boyfriend so I hadn't found just the right one to get her in. Then I starting reading VHNC and I was laughing so hard I was crying and co-workers were peeking their heads into my office to make sure I was okay. I sent her the link immediately. Same reaction. She was hooked. That's what I'm talking about.

Okay, so the funny chicks at VHNC have a great post featuring Helen Mirren (okay, go look at it now, I'll wait...)

Can you believe that? Is she amazing or what. Is she something to aspire to? I love her. We love her. That was it. She was our mascot. She was what we needed to get this party started.

So there you have it. Vive Helen! is born. It's a place to hang out with your girls. Chat it up. Rant a little. You can even send us a problem and we'll run it by our virtual Helen and see what she comes up with for you.

And, if you are interested in authoring a post or two, shoot me an email at marcy[at]wackerdesign[dot]com and I'll get you the hook-up.


Mala said...

Great idea! I just left my precious comments on the blog. :)

Dame Courtney said...

I'm so proud of my girl Marcy! She created this gorgeous little nook for us girls to have a little non-work fun. And do we ever! [Note: it's not even been 24 hours yet!] I can't wait to see this blossom and to write (and read) how witty we ladies are.