Thursday, August 14, 2008

scary movies

Christopher Lee as Dracula
I was waiting for it. The scary movie aftermath. Jackson was very sheepish when I got home from work last night--quiet and slightly withdrawn. I could tell something was up. When it was time to go to bed he said he had to poop but didn't want to (why must my boys hold it?). I thought, "Aha! That's what it is." I said "do whatcha gotta do, kid" and left him to make his own defication decision. He decided against it.

He willingly got on jammies, listened to the story and the lullabies and kissed and hugged me good night. Just as I was shutting the door he said, "Mom, if I think about bad things will I have bad dreams?" I get a lot of last minute questions and comments just before the bedroom door closes at night, so I figured this was just another routine stalling tactic. I told him not to think about bad things, to think about good things and have good dreams.

"Okay, mama..."

Less than ten minutes later the bedroom door creaked open and he stepped into my office where I was doing some work at my desk. Without looking up, I asked him what was wrong.

"Do you know why I can't go to sleep?" he said quietly. And then he burst into sobs.

"Because we watched Goonie's today at summer school and it was really scary. I didn't want to watch it but they made me and there were bad guys and I'M SCARED!" I knew this wasn't a routine diversion. I looked through the streaming tears I could see his beautiful brown eyes with pupils as big as saucers. This wasn't stalling, this was terror. And it all came flooding back.

When I was about seven years old I watched a Dracula movie one cold and sunny Sunday afternoon. I remember sitting on the floor in front of the t.v. but not much else about the situation. I don't remember the plot and I don't remember why I was left alone and allowed to watch it. But I do remember Christopher Lee's terrifying face. That night I could not sleep and I am not sure that I ever did. I do remember lots of calling to my mom and back and forth to her room for comfort. I do remember vividly how scared and was. I could see that in Jackson's face last night and I felt for him. I absolutely HATED being scared. I think he gets that from me. Owen seems to like it, so we may never have to go through this with him.

I told Jackson he could stay up with me and watch The Colbert Report--funny always counteracts scary. He was so relieved. After the show was over I told him I would lay down with him in his bed until he fell asleep. He did in about 3 minutes.

Christopher Lee has been in many, many movies since that scary 70's Dracula camp. Everytime I see him, I always think of that day and night. To me, he will always be Dracula.


Jules said...

I always had issues with being scared as a young child. Scary movies, books, stories...I learned quickly they were all off limits (self imposed). My imagination is too active and I wind up working myself up into a frenzy!

Dame Courtney said...

For me, Lou Ferigno as the Incredible Hulk! Or perhaps the Piranha movies my grandma would let us watch. To this day, I don't like swimming in dark, murky lakes, because..."what was that nipping at my toe!?!?" :)

Cute, cute story. Touching too. :)