Friday, September 25, 2009

the un-mom look | no. 8

i know's, it's been eons since i posted an un-mom outfit--just wasn't feeling the love. but now that fall is here and my attention is turned back to clothing i thought it might be fun to take some of my fall favorites from this post and make a couple of outfits. this first one has me thinking about a weekend day trip, chilly soccer game or even shopping and lunch with a friend (or the kids, if that's your thing). so here goes.

taking the blazer, bag and watch from the fall 09 post i've added:

1. lightweight turtleneck in blue stripe :: old navy :: $15
why it works: enough with the t-shirts already. this nicely fitted t-neck in a nautical stripe won't be too heavy or bunch up under the blazer, but its softness and weight will be comfy without looking sloppy.

2. ‘the dreamer’ boot-cut jeans in blue jet :: old navy or your own closet! :: $34.50
why it works: let's face it, most of us have a pair of old, faded jeans that fit and feel good and if you don't check out old navy's jeans. i'm hard to fit and i usually have good luck with them. plus, they are so reasonably priced and good quality. lots of different cuts and styles. here i''m thinking faded to add some contrast to the dark jacket which is a nice polished alternative to a ratty sweater or fleece jacket.

3. essie nail polish in mink muffs :: or instore at ulta :: $8
why it works: yes, nail polish is an accessory (just ask jenna). essie is great polish--look for sales at places like ulta. i'm LOVING this color right now. it's neutral with just a hint of pink and the medium shade looks good on most skin tones. it's on my toes as we speak.

4. tretorn canvas sneakers in pale oak :: j. crew :: $68
why these work: i wore these under my wedding gown (well, the white ones with the pink swoosh) in 1993--no lie. perhaps a story for another time, though. these are just flipping cute. i'm over the athletic 'trainers'--if you aren't going to the gym, leave them at home. these are fun, casual and retro in such a preppy way--a trifecta of perfection!

5. red scarf with off white design:: :: $18
why this works: it is unexpected. the key to looking current in such conservative basics is to add something unexpected. it doesn't have to be trendy or wild, just a little askew from the rest of the outfit. this beauty adds a little global flair.

6. ray ban wayfarer sunglasses in brown :: macy’s :: $109
why these work: what can i say? a classic is a classic. these look good on almost everyone.

happy weekend, lovelies.


Hilary said...

Love, Love,Love!!!I want that purse!!!

Jules said...

Love it, Marcy!

Courtney said...

As always, flawless and affordable. InStyle should take notes from the Saucy Mom - chic doesn't have to start at $525 for a pair of jeans! :)