Monday, February 2, 2009

fabu blogs

Photo from Pure Blog
I admit it. I'm a blogaholic. And I am convinced that I am going to get fired from my job for over-blogging despite the fact that any url with the word 'blogger' or 'blogspot' (not 'blog' interestingly) is blocked. This has caused me to venture into new territory and find new blogs...ones with the words 'typepad' and 'wordpress' in them. I've added some of these gems to the "blogs i love" section and I thought it would be fun to highlight a few from time to time. "New" only indicates that they are new to me and/or new to the blogroll. Most of these beauties have been around for a good while and have a very faithful following.

First up: Pure Blog

This wonderful online notebook penned by noted British designer and author Jane Cumberhatch is exquisite in its simplicity. The images are so calming. I'm addicted.

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Hilary said...

Love the new blog adds!! Also I want that ruffled jacket in a bad way! What a find!