Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I am determined to have open upper shelving in my kitchen--I just love the lightened look of it and I think it would be great (and cheap!) in my house since you see the kitchen as soon as you walk in the front door. It requires lots of organization, which I am prepared for, and some visual unity. In order to achieve that I am thinking I want all of the dishes that will be displayed to be white. I love the look of lots of white--you can mix traditional and modern lines together and still have a cohesive look.

I have white dishes now, a really cheap set I got at the grocery store when we bought our house almost five years ago, and I still like the look of them but they are stoneware and they have those silvery flatware marks all over them. Plus the cereal/soup bowls are enormous and I don’t like that. I hesitate buying anything new because I am trying not to accumulate more stuff. I think I might go through all of the myriad serving pieces I have that I never use and put them on craigslist and put whatever money I make towards a new set of dishes. Now it’s just deciding which ones to get. Lots of options at all different price points. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

Top Row
Wedgewood Eternity
Pottery Barn Great White
Crate and Barrel Madison
Denby Bone China

Second Row
Gibson White Elements
Crate and Barrel Essential
Rosenthal Loft

Bottom Row
Martha Stewart Montmartre
Pottery Barn Caterers
Macy’s Cellar Whiteware Rim


Mala said...

Aaaahhhh white....beautiful!

I can come scrounge through stuff you will be discarding. :)

Courtney said...

I'm all about the white, as you know; and will need to (myself) make critical decisions as I'll be faced with the worst thing a gourmet can handle - an apartment kitchen. AAAHHHHHHH!

That being said, and logic so not prevailing, white dishware makes me giddy. I'm with Miss Mala - I'll totally come scrounge!