Friday, February 27, 2009

un-mom no. 7 | mono handmade lady

Huh? Let me explain. I recognize that the last few un-mom posts were high on color, so I decided to come up with something more subdued this month. I also wanted to shake things up a bit by seeing if I could source items made by independent designers--nothing mass-produced. I also realized that although we are mom's we are also women, even ladies sometimes, and occassionally we like to (or have to) dress up a bit--perhaps for a lovely lunch with a girl friend or our mom. Enter the monochrome handmade lady...

Most of the items sourced here have been created by independent designers and, in most cases, made by hand. Some of these are one of a kind, so the idea here is to go with the look.--find a ladylike blouse that suits your shape. Also, remember, if you can't find new handmade items think about checking out vintage items.

1. Ladylike blouse :: I found this blouse on a terrific Korean website with some beautiful clothes--only problem is I forgot what it is called and I can't seem to find it. As soon as I locate it, I will update the post. However, a lot of designers are making lovely vintage-inspired blouses like this one. Remember, part of un-mom is making it your own.

2. Vintage Polyester Skirt in Tweed :: Orangyporany :: $65.00
Why it works: Orangyporangy is one of my favorite indie designers. I love that the materials they use come from recycled clothing. As a result you can get some great one-of-a-kind pieces. Most of the fabrics they use tend toward the colorful, but I love this tweedy, textured skirt with just the tiniest fleck of orange. Another plus to their skirts is the amazing elastic waistband which helps to customize the fit.

3. Astrid Brooch :: accessoire :: $19.00
Why it works: This little gem could go on the blouse, the bag, your coat or even the waistband of your skirt! I love that it's jewelry but it's fabric too, so everything in this outfit is soft and calming but still pretty. I really want this (you may have noticed it on my greedy slob list).

4. Empress Earrings :: Opus Muse :: $31.00
Why it works: The dangle lends itself to the ladylike but the materials give a little edge of the exotic. Plus, I had to throw in a little color and the calming blue blends with the earthy browns and grays keeping our look tranquil and quiet.

5. Gray Square Tiles Basic Tote :: DrikaB :: $69.00
Why it works: An item that I am completely obsessed with. DrikaB is another one of my favorite indie designers--every piece in their collection is amazing. This works because the colors stay in our palette but the fabric and the shape are very modern and even a little industrial keeping our outfit from being too demure or dated.

6. Scallop Heel Pump in Clay by Seychelles :: Urban Outfitters :: $59.99
Why they work: Okay, I admit I had a hell of a time finding independent shoe designers. They are out there but they can be (understandably) incredibly expensive. My advice here is to look for vintage shoes or a pair like this. I love that this shoe is very neutral so it will go with almost anything and that the shape is classic but with a slight twist, again keeping us modern and not granny.


Jules said...

I LOVE this one!

Hilary said...

Oh are my inspiration! Great look! I am going to the handbag site immediately :)

OpusMuse said...

Beautiful selection you got here! And I had to thank you for featuring my earrings.
Nicole :)

Courtney said...

As always, knocked out of the park. Only Miss Marcy can turn monochromatic into technicolor!