Sunday, February 1, 2009

un-mom no. 6 | singing in the rain

Okay, I will be the first to admit that not every woman can pull-off this ensemble. I also admit that I have been slightly obsessed with color lately and that the last two un-mom posts have been, shall we say, especially vibrant. But any of these items on their own would add a fun boost to your winter outerwear wardrobe and might even put a little pep in your step.

1. Fab Printed Coat in bright green :: :: $198.00
Why it works: I loathe the tan trench rain coat. Nothing says blah quite like that. And when it is rainy and gloomy who needs more blah. This is instant cheer.

2. Rain boots in orange/lemon :: :: $17.49
Why they work: Keep those pigs dry in style. Plus, come summer they make great gardening boots.

3. Eco-friendly Fabric Umbrella in green :: :: $42.49
Why it works: Nice and big to keep you and the kiddos dry at once. Again, the green makes me smile.

4. Kashmere cashmere fingerless gloves in orange :: :: $30.99
Why they work: The luxury and warmth of cashmere while maintaining your surgical dexterity for last minute shoe-tying, lunch-making or necessary digital gestures during rush hour (just kidding...don't do that)

5. Patent-trimmed Canvas Tote in electricity :: :: $16.50
Why it works: Waterproof but cute. Come summer it goes to the beach and the farmer's market.

6. Coach Tara rain hat in white/green :: as seen on :: $128.00
Definitely pricey for "un-mom" but timeless and cute as a button. Even though it's for the rain, I could see this coming in handy year-round.

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