Thursday, April 16, 2009

checking in

It's been a little over a month since I debuted my plan to simpliy my life and I am about 22 days into my 90-day time frame. So what's been going on? Well, not much. Which I think is good. Actually, my attention to developing the plan more thoroughly was temporarily derailed by a family emergency which took most of my time and energy for the better part of two weeks. It was trying, but I learned a lot about myself during that period and not having any 'unnecessaries' to deal with was a God-send. See another reason not do that stuff--you never know when an emergency will arise.

In one of my last posts, I talked about how I need to get my stuff in order so that I can get back some more time in my life. I've done quite a bit to whittle down the extra crap that's been lying around. Matt and I ripped apart the garage and got rid of a ton of stuff. Most of it was stuff that we've moved around for the last twenty years. During most of that time these 'treasured items' were stuffed into boxes in the garage. These were the things I thought of as 'keepsakes.' But as we were going through everything I realized the only time I ever thought about or dealt with any of those things was when we were doing our annual garage cleaning. And how sentimental was I about them if they were stuffed into boxes in the dusty, dog-haired laden garage? I decided to cut the cord. Very cathartic. I highly recommend it. Someday that garage is only going to have some tools and a car in it.

As for the inside of the house, there are still some areas that could use some purging. I am going to make myself a 6 week schedule and try to knock off a room a week.

In the meantime, I have decided that I really need to focus on myself. Getting myself healthy. I feel like crap still and I can't give any of these other things my full, focused attention if I don't feel 100%.

I have to start eating better and committing to exercise. But how? Any suggestions?


Mala said...

I've found lunch time workout works best for me. That is the ONLY time I get to myself. Since I'm at the gym everyday - I don't indulge in eating out or shopping during that time.

Eating wise try to create a menu and stick to that or write what you are eating to evaluate later.

Hope these help. I've been trying to stay healthy too.

Courtney said...

My secret plan? Getting an apartment on the 2nd floor. Ha ha! :) I've found that if you just build it into your day - park farther out at places and walk it in, climb rather than ride escalators, take the boys on a walk each evening after dinner (start a family ritual), make sure there are as many easy to grab veggies and good foods in the fridge, buy a "yoga band" set and while watching tv, work your arms and legs with them (I do this!), pull a Dwight Shrute and get a big balance ball to sit on at work (for your core)...I also joined the gym with Ryan, but find that the sneaky stuff to stay active actually works too (maybe in concert).

I so wish I was still on the 'grid' so we could do laps around the Capitol like we used to! :)