Tuesday, April 7, 2009

porch makeover | step one

Matt has done such an amazing job on the landscaping in the front yard that I am feeling the porch really needs a makeover. I've been dying for a new front door since we moved in. The one we have now is the boring builder grade kind from the dreaded big box store. It has zero personality and that white molding crap around the windows drives me bonkers. I do really like the light that the windows provide the entry and dining areas, but the lack of privacy is a drag. I am thinking that the replacement needs to have the windows but that they should be obscured.

I am in love with the amazing products from Crestview Doors of Austin, Texas. I don't live in a cool mid-century modern 'dwelling,' but the house is a true ranch. Crestview has an amazing program on their site that allows you to 'try on' their doors. These three are the ones I like the best, with the 'Pasadena' being the front runner. Ignore the black. I picked that because the other colors were distracting too much from the design and looked phony.

What do you think?

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Courtney said...

Love the top choice, however with the three windows top to bottom, it does go against the whole "seeking more privacy" thing...but maybe the glass could be treated?

Super cool website in order to do that!

Hilary said...

LOve the Pasadena also!! I am wishing for a new front door as well...can't find anything I like...I am going to check out this site!

Jules said...

The Pasadena is my favorite. I also live in a 50s ranch, but my door is original to the house. Funny thing is, my original door looks exactly like yours, except mine has a big X on the bottom half.