Monday, April 27, 2009

more white kitchens

I know. I am obsessed. And the thing I find so interesting about this obsession is that, in general, I love color. But I just can't fathom a kitchen (at least one that will exist in the home I live in) in anything else but white: white painted cabinets, white carrera marble, white tile...These kitchens play with some subtle color and interesting accents to help break up the white--truly inspired. All from here.

For me, a kitchen is all about light. Natural light. I have to have a window over the sink. I can't stand doing dishes with nothing but a wall to look at. I do a good chunk of my inner exploration and daydreaming while doing dishes and I need something pretty to look at. Love the shelf. But really love the yellow chair!

How fun is that green. I can't stand it. And I love that it is inside the cupboard. A happy little treat when emptying the dishwasher (a dreaded chore...ick).

Unexpected details abound. The spare use of upper cabinets combined with the mirror, so elegant but still inviting. I love using items from around the house that aren't supposed to go in the kitchen, like mirrors and lamps. So fun.

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Courtney said...

I knew there was a reason we were besty buds - carrera marble. Oh...yessssss. :)